A GitHub Action To Thank Your Project’s Contributors

  1. Second as it’s a bot. You need to pass a token and you need to create it and so the setup was a bit more.


So to solve all these issues. The best option after a lot of googling was a GitHub action. Simple to set up, secure, and easy to automate. Contributors-Readme-Action can not only automate the contributor’s list it can do much more.


  • It can automate
  1. Collaborators List
  2. Sponsors List ( GitHub Sponsors )
  3. Bots List
  • It also supports re-arrangement (obviously 😃)
Just a demo picture

Thanking Note

The project started with a dumb setup that formed a lot of bugs and the feature set was basic. But some humble developers pointed out the issues that made the action more robust and usable. Thanking all those developers and also I am still open to new features and loves to add them.



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